The UEFA Euro 2024 ignites not just on-field excitement but also a thrilling landscape for sports betting. While traditional match-day wagers offer a quick rush, futures bets provide a unique opportunity to delve into long-term predictions and potentially reap significant rewards. Here’s a roadmap to exploring futures bets for Euro 2024:

Tournament Champion:

This is the most popular futures bet,

allowing you to wager on the team you believe will lift the Euro 2024 trophy. Favorites like France and England might offer lower odds, while teams like Denmark or Portugal could present higher payouts with a potential upset. Consider factors like recent form, team depth, and historical performance in major tournaments.

Group Winners:

Each of the Euro 2024 groups present exciting opportunities. Analyze the teams within each group, considering their strengths and weaknesses, past encounters, and potential “dark horses.” You could place a futures bet on a group winner you believe will outperform expectations.

Top Goalscorer:

This bet allows you to predict the player who will finish the tournament with the most goals. Analyze the form of top strikers like Kylian MbappĂ© or Robert Lewandowski, but don’t neglect potential breakout stars or players known for excelling in major tournaments.

Golden Boot vs. Golden Ball:

The Golden Boot goes to the top scorer, while the Golden Ball is awarded to the best player of the tournament. Consider midfield maestros like Kevin De Bruyne who might not rack up goals but have a significant impact on their team’s play.

Reaching the Finals:

This bet allows you to wager on teams you believe will make a deep run in the tournament. Look for teams with a strong squad, a winning mentality, and a bit of luck with the draw.

Beyond the Obvious:

Explore niche futures bets offered by some bookmakers. These could include:

First Team to be Eliminated: This option offers high potential rewards but requires a bold prediction.
Most Red Cards: Betting on a team or player likely to see red can be a risky but potentially lucrative proposition.
Number of Goals Scored in the Tournament: This over/under bet allows you to predict the total number of goals throughout the competition.

Strategies for Success:

Research is Key: Don’t place a futures bet 99ok company on a whim. Analyze team form, player fitness, head-to-head records, and historical performance in major tournaments.
Compare Odds: Shop around with different bookmakers to find the most favorable odds for your chosen futures bet.
Manage Your Bankroll: Allocate a specific amount for your futures bets and don’t chase losses with increasingly risky wagers.
Consider Long-Term Value: Don’t be afraid to place futures bets well before the tournament begins. You might find better odds compared to closer to the kickoff date.

Remember: Futures bets involve a higher degree of risk compared to match-day wagers. However, the potential rewards can be substantial. By approaching them strategically and managing your bankroll responsibly, you can unlock long-term opportunities and add another layer of excitement to your Euro 2024 experience.